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The Biggest and Best improvement with feather board technology!
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FeatherBow® is the newest feather board woodworking tool for the professional craftsman or woodworking enthusiast. FeatherBow works with your existing table saw or router table to stabilize and guide your precious wood while being cut.

 See Popular Woodworkings favorable review of Featherbow® in the December 2006 edition "16 best new tools of 2006".

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® is a significant improvement over the existing feather board designs that are now available.

The technology is so revolutionary compared to existing feather board designs, featherbow is pending United States Patent Approval. FeatherBow® is now available to the general public at trade shows and woodworking supply companies nationwide. In addition, Feather Bow® is now available on line through this web site.

Made in the USA, FeatherBow® is a necessity for the novice woodworker to the most experienced! Extensive engineering and testing has been performed to ensure the precise handling of all types of various woods. FeatherBow® was designed by wood workers... each contributing advances in design.

Improve the performance of your table saw and your woodworking skills..
® makes it easy!

FeatherBow® is made from a durable thick hardened plastic. It is fully guaranteed. You can feel confident of it's long life, usability and safety. Built into the feather board is a patented gauge lever which allows the user to precisely monitor fence pressure of any piece of wood being cut. This means less wasted wood and more precise cuts! FeatherBow® can also be used with an existing router table.

FeatherBow® saves you time and money compared to an existing feather board!

Visit our on-line store to purchase feather bow and assessories.

View our on-line demo movies that show how FeatherBow® works, and how its advantages far outweigh existing feather board technologies.

FeatherBow®... Safety, Stability, Confidence

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